Well That Escalated Quickly

The FCC claims that it has received a number of complaints regarding Stephen Colbert’s commentary during his late show on Monday night. Its rather likely that these “complaints” came from hard-line Trump supporters (or Republicans) who condemn any kind of speech criticizing the president. It is sad to see in this day and age an […]

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The Definition of Free Will

This morning I saw a video in which a man characterizes “freedom” and “liberty” as two distinct and separate things. He defined the words in regards to the enslavement and emancipation of black Americans, in comparison to white Americans. He claimed that “white” Americans have freedom, and that “black” Americans have liberty, because whites are […]

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Where Is God?

It is Easter Sunday 2017. And today the majority of the Christian religion is celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Personally, I believe Jesus of Nazareth was a real person; who protested the oppressive government of the Roman Empire, which back then dominated the Mediterranean world and the Levant. Pope Francis delivered his annual message […]

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Last Week In #Syria

So the American government attacked the Syrian government, of Bashar al-Assad, claiming justification due to Assad’s (supposed) “use of chemical weapons” against his own people. Even though the site of the chemical gas attack was located within an area controlled by armed rebel opposition groups trying to overthrow the Syrian government. And yet the United […]

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Taxation Is No Blessing

In order to understand what it means to “make America great again” one needs to ask: What made America great the first time? So when was America made? Well, most Americans celebrate the birth of our nation on the date in which the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776. But America, as […]

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